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How Long To Bake Chocolate Brownies

This is where all I can say is practise makes perfect or at least gives you a better idea. I know it's expensive to have batches of over done or under done brownies but in my humble experience you can rescue them by turning them into some other kind of dessert.

If they are too dry then serve with cream or icecream . If they are underdone, I've been desperate enough to put them back in the oven and bake for a bit longer.

Nonetheless here are some guidelines for the brownie baking times.

Obviously you should take note of what the recipe suggests and hopefully if you've had your oven a while you'll know from previous baking experience how to adjust it accordingly in terms of temperature.

If you are making fudge-style brownies, take the pan out the oven when the sides have shrunk slightly away from the edges of the pan. The center of the baked brownie mixture will still be slightly gooey, but will firm up during cooling. Cake-style brownies are ready when a skewer inserted into the center of the brownie mix has a few moist crumbs attached to it.

General Brownie Baking Tips

  • Brownies keep well in an airtight container - although in my experience chocolate brownies are always devoured way before they would've been going off.
  • Don't refrigerate the brownies in an open container. It will dry them out.
  • If they have perishable ingredients such as cream cheese then it's best to keep them in the fridge.
  • They'll keep for 4 to 6 months in the freezer but be warned that this may affect their texture. If you must freeze them then wrap each bar individualy in platic wrap and then foil and then place in an airtight container to freeze.
  • Line the brownie pan with aluminum foil. This saves on cleanup and gives you more time to enjoy eating the brownies.
  • Grease and cocoa instead of grease and flour the pan. That way you don't get the flour marks on the outside of the brownies.
  • Allow brownies to cool in pan before cutting. Another great idea if you're in a hurry, (and who isn't in a hurry to get a mouthful of the chocolatey goodness), is to put the cooling brownie pan in the freezer for a couple of minutes. You can then cut the brownies.
  • Cut cooled brownies with plastic or table knife to insure smooth-sided bars.
  • Toasted or roasted nuts have a great flavour and add soemthing special if you like nuts in your brownies.

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