What's Your Favourite Chocolate Indulgence?

When In Doubt Put Chocolate On It!

A decent obsession is my chocolate indulgence. As much as I love solid chocolate in all it's decadent forms, you can bake with it, decorate with the rich colour of it and give candy chocs as gifts.

Oh and I admit, I am a choc brownie recipe addict.

I get asked for my favourite choc recipes often...(I have loads of recipe books, cooking magazines and collected recipes. I have even been dubbed "the Chocolate Brownie Queen" by friends.)

There's a definate allure to chocolate. Ask any chocoholic to describe their feelings for it and you watch the look on their face. It's amazing that a humble bean could produce "food of the gods". Indeed Theobroma cacao (botanical name for cocoa) translates to food of the gods.

But it's not just about the melty-chocolatey food, it's the richness of the colour too...Chocolate wedding colours anyone? The edible aroma of burning chocolate scented candles, covering up in a thick chocolate coloured bath towel or cuddling a chocolate labrador puppy.

How about decadent chocolate colored household goods?

  • Chocolate tableware - your guests will want to lick their plates
  • Chocolate bed linen
  • Chocolate sofas - sink into chocolatey goodness.

Chocolates make the perfect gift but maybe you're looking for the perfect chocolate cake recipe - we have loads. So come with me and explore this most heavenly of foods...

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